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August 22, 2005

Team Cycling Without Lance

May 22, 1984
Montreal 3, San Diego 2

     R  H  E
SD 2 4 0
MON 3 4 0
Today's Boxscore

This is a fun one, impossible to find without the wonders of modern computing. Did you figure this it out over the weekend? If not, here it is:

Montreal had only four hits, which happened to be a single, double, triple, and HR! And not only that, they did it naturally, with a single in the third, a double and triple in the fourth, and a homer in the sixth. But wait, there's more! San Diego almost pulled the same feat, also getting only four hits: two singles, a double, and a home run!

  • This "exclusive" team cycle has occurred 40 times since 1969.
  • In those 40 games, the cycling team had a record of 14-26.
  • How many runs did they score? Funny you should ask. Here's the run distribution in those 40 games:
    1   3
    2 16
    3 11
    4 3
    5 3
    6 4
  • This odd feat was achieved exactly 10 times each of the past three decades.
  • It's been done nine times already in the 00's (don't we have a name for this decade yet??), including four times in 2004.
  • When Oakland did it in 9/10/92, only two guys got the hits: Mike Bordick with a double and triple, and Ruben Sierra with a single and homer.
I'd love to check out other individual feats in these and other games, but don't have the data. Does anyone know if there's downloadable player-game data available?


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